Renewable Assets

Asset Management Renewables (AMR) manages all the renewable assets of the Eneco Group. This includes wind onshore, wind offshore, biomass and solar assets in the countries NL, BE and UK. Examples include the offshore windfarm Prinses Amalia (120 MW) for the coast of IJmuiden, the biomass fermentation plants in Belgium en the Tullo windfarm in Scotland.

Within Eneco, the project development departments plan, design and build the assets. Eneco Energy Trade is the offtaker of all power, gas and renewables certificates of these plants and optimizes these commodities in the different markets. Next to the Eneco build assets, Eneco Energy Trade also contracts power, gas and renewable certificates from third party developers. Examples here include C-Power (187,5 MW), Windvision and many Dutch wind turbines generators from third parties developers.

Eneco’s positions

Eneco currently has around 1300 MW of contracted renewable capacity in NL, BE and UK, of which roughly one third is with own developed assets from the Eneco group and two third is with third party developers. About 85% is coming from wind assets, 10% from biomass assets and 5% from solar assets.

AMR – what kind of activities are undertaken

AMR is responsible for the entire chain. It all begins with identifying what projects will be built in the coming years. Our structurers contact the project developer and helps with realizing the project. As the offtake of power, gas and renewable certificates is the most important revenue stream (followed by the subsidy that is still needed), the structurer has ties with most commercial banks as well, as to make sure the payment structure and main commercial points are discussed. As soon as both parties reach an agreement, a so-called switch is done, making sure the grid company knows to which party to send the production data from the meters. Within EET, we try to forecast a good as possible the expected production of the different assets and will sell this production on the appropriate markets: Endex for future production and APX for day ahead production. This activity is called hedging. The department prepares the invoice and makes sure payments are done.

The AMR Desk

Eneco has a specialized AMR desk within the Division of Eneco Energy Trade, which is dedicated to purchase renewable energy (spot, mid and long term contracts) and to optimize the positions.

Since the majority of our customers are located in the Netherands, the following pages will be in Dutch. Please do do hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions. Contact the manager of the AMR departement here: Michel Tellman

Renewable Assets:

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